Looking for a pill crusher?
Hoping to find an easier to use tablet crusher?
Tired of grinding up pills by hand?
Dreaming about an automated tablet crusher?

Well dreams do come true…forget manual tablet crushing and start "Powdercrushing" with Powdercrush, a truly automatic medication crusher!

Developed because of demand from nurses for an easier way to crush pills, the Powdercrush has become an overnight success. As the need to crush tablets for seniors in long term care settings continues to increase, crushing pills has become a frustrating and time consuming task for nurses.


It can also become a painful one, if repetitive crushing of medications causes repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis in the shoulder or elbow joints. PowderCrush can help avoid injuries and makes crushing medications, fast, easy and painless.

Typical crushing time - less than five seconds. Click here to view the Powdercrush in action.

An ideal product for long-term care, pharmacies, hospitals and correctional facilities - Powdercrush™ saves time, eliminates the problem of cross contamination and crushes meds to a superfine powder. The Powdercrush™ is battery operated... powered by 2 long-lasting rechargeable batteries (charger included).

It's portable, powerful and easy to operate.