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I would like to begin by writing I only recommend a product when I believe in the product and company. I am recommending this product for anyone who is caring for an individual that needs their medications crushed. It is worth the investment as it will help make care giving easier.
Unable to use a manual pill splitter/crusher, I have used a meat tenderizer to crush my mother’s medications since 2019. I am now at the point that I am no longer able to crush the meds with the meat tenderizer. I googled “electronic pill crushers” and came across manrex.com located in Winnipeg. Hoping they might be able to help me, I emailed. Although Manrex deals more with hospitals, care facilities etc. Wade Mourant was willing to help me. He understood my situation and went above and beyond, in my opinion, to help me get a unit; which I am grateful for.
I purchased the Powdercrush and I am so happy I did. The unit crushes the medications quickly and easily, within seconds the pills are powder, even pills that are hard to crush. A touch of the button does all the work and the unit is not as loud as banging a meat tenderizer. It has truly made this part of the routine much less stressful & frustrating. I highly recommend this product & company.

  • Carmela Filleti

We had been providing Powdercrush to our LTC homes for many years, offering the automated crusher is something that allows me to stand out from my competitors when competing for my local nursing homes scripts.

  • Alan Davies

As Care Manager it is part of my role to find products that help staff do their job safely and efficiently. We have tried many medication crushers in the past and most have come up short in one way or another. The staff at Glacier View Lodge, (a Complex Care Facility for Seniors) are most impressed and pleased with the Powdercrusher. It is simple to use and reasonably quiet. We have found it even crushes the meds that have been very difficult to crush manually, such as calcium tablets, with the simple press of a button.

  • Sheila Acford RN
  • Care Manager

The Registered Nurses & the Licensed Practical Nurses of the Jordan LifeCare Centre Inc. have been using the Powdercrush (Pill Crusher) for three months now and  are very pleased with it, comments such as very efficient, practical, awesome, this is the best yet,& my shoulders no longer ache from crushing pills is heard on a regular basis. We are very pleased to have discovered this product through the Petitcodiac Drug Mart as I have been searching for a product of this quality for some time.

  • Carolyn Thurber
  • Director of Nursing

Extendicare Tuxedo Villa has utilized the Powdercrusher since December 2004. We currently have three of the devices in service. The staff have been thrilled with the ease of use,time saving,and no complaints of injury from repetitive movements from other means of crushing medications.We can recommend this automated tablet crusher to other long term care facilities.

  • Nursing Staff

We are a 229 bed skilled nursing facility located in southeastern Wisconsin. My nurses are very impressed with your product. We were searching for a portable device that would be easy to use, yet powerful enough to crush multiple medications. From the minute the product was put into use, the nurses noted less soreness and discomfort that comes from using a manual crushing method. This product is also a time saver during busy med pass times. Thank you for coming up with such a useful tool!

  • Kelli De Ruyter RN, D.O.N.
  • Cedar Lake Health Care Center